there is something bothering me

with all the talk about metadata in blogging on blojsom and specially off David Czarnecki's blog about the future blog it worries, maybe less worries me but bothers me that the actual blogs themselves are not written in a richer format. Yes I know at the moment i'm adding my own structure to it using just elements and attributes not supported by browsers. But the damm file isnt xml complient! mainly due to some stupid legacy issue with bloxsom. The first line of the file blojsom uses has to be the title. * pulls a face * why? why? why? why the hell? ok maybe its just me, that i havent read the documentation yet or researched enough. But what sense that make? The rest of the file can be anything you like but not the first line. If its not done now already, i will find someway around it, even if i have to write a damm plugin myself.

on a lighter note, if there was a option at least to have a xml based weblog then you could take advantage of all the key parts of xml, specially if we thinking about the context of metadata. I mean why have some weird crap when you could use dublin core instead? Ok yes i know once its through the blojsom engine its all turned into rss, strict xhtml, blah blah. But wouldnt it be nice to have that from start to finish.
Ok to be fair i havent looked at the xmlrpc stuff yet or anything else, but I will when i finally get time…ummm maybe never this side of August?

Also i have problems with a filesystem as a database. I mean that just sounds so bloody backwards, yes i understand why they do it and it makes sense if you want low trouble storage. But come on lets get real when you have many weblogs and entrys the file systems gonna be a mess. How you gonna archive it? zip it up? so blojsom cant see it anymore?
I know there working on ways of using a real database, but i say toss that lets use a xml database like exist. Once again if no one else is going to do it. I damm well will. Damm you all. getting a bit over excited need to chill out…

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