sunshine and wireless thats all i need

Cant remember the character name in Donnie darko, but his comments were Beer and pussy, that is all i need. Beer and pussy.
Well for me right now sitting outside in my garden, wireless and sunshine is it. I'm still really tempted to buy some ikea garden chairs and table just so I can get very comfitable. who could turn down wireless and sunshine?

My idea keeps coming into my head. I'm unsure about disclosing the information on the net, but I dont know if I'll ever have the time let alone the capital to set it up. So I think letting someone else use it would be the best idea.

I name the idea net holidays which is its catchy title. But I prefer connected holidays. Anyhow I cant decide if its a gooer or not. But everytime i'm outside it makes me think again that it could be really good, even a small money maker? Who knows I need to do tons of research or just try it out and see how it goes for that trial run.

But Ian what is the idea? i can hear you asking… Well i've reached the end of my bus ride. So I'll detail more on the way home or maybe when I have lunch. Till then, think about it…sunshine, wireless = connected holidays…Humm.

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