Sony’s PS2’s successor

Sony on introduced the PSX, a follow-up to the PlayStation 2, and touted it as a device that creates a new entertainment category. Isnt this what Microsoft want to do too? Broadcasting students its now here, time to crap your pants.

Sony Merges PlayStation, Home Theater Into “PSX”

ZDnet Sony brandishes PS2's successor, print version
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This comment sums up psx so well.
Wow, 120GB hard drive, ethernet, the ability to have movies and pictures and games all in one device ! Oh wait, my Xbox already does that……

I really don't know how well this is going to go, but I can tell you that a hard drive that size, and a DVD +/- drive, and a tuner is going to make this device quite expensive…. I guess thay forgot how many people balked at the PS2's 299.00 price, this device will clearly surpass that price, of course it does more so they may be able to get away with it….

And so much for all of you people who said the Xbox was far too big compared to the PS2, goes to show what I've said all along, you can't make a reasonably priced device with that many features very small….

And you have to read the fall out on the message board about that post. Sony announce the PSX

Some highlights from the forum…

The xbox is non-standard pc, it would be quite easy for them to add on to it without too much effort.

For example they already created Windows XP MCE, it wouldn't be that difficult for them to port that to the Xbox and release it as a disk you could buy at any retailer and add on tons of features to your Xbox…. Sony on the other hand really needed to create an entirely new device…

Also since the Xbox uses non-standard USB it wouldn't be that difficult for them to add a ton of features to it via the USB port. /images/emoticons/laugh.gifVR/Connect your Digi-Cam/Karaoke/etc)

The DVD and the hard drive are also quite easy to replace, they would have to make some changes, and you'd likely need to take it into some type of authorized service center to make the changes but it wouldn't be difficullt at all to add different sized drives, or a DVD -/+ drive.

Expect it to cost at least £500/$500. At least, I mean we pay £300 for a HDD recorder here, plus £400 for a DVDRW here, and £170 for a PS2, £870 total so don't expect it to be less then £500/$500, this is high end and will be marketed as so.

DVD writer ?? To copy ps2 games ??

DVD writer, to archive recorded TV. No doubt some hackers will find a way to mod it to do it though.

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