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Ok I've now turned off the show me more plugin, it was doing my nut in when it cut into a url, because the url wouldnt be right and you couldnt click the read more to get the rest of the blog. Nightmare! Now I could have allowed more or less text but i would have had the same problem at some point in the future
Unless this is solved in the future its going to stay off, its too much trouble for little gain.

talking about blogging generally, I've changed the directorys around once again. Really sorry to people using my premalinks, i honestly wont change it much now.

I've held back on for now, because even though its almost working, but a email talk with $marklus$ makes me hold back till 1.0. Its going to blow our minds i'm told, and I can believe it.

Things I'm working on, well I just added more urls to my bookmark section, which is good but I want to make a proper xml schema out of it, so I can reference bookmarks and sections from this blog and instant messager chats. Also i'm reading about xml-rpc now and soap, hoping to really understand them sometime very soon. Still want to link exist and blojsom together, as this file system thing is not right for my future plans. Looks like that would be done through xml-rpc mainly?

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