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Avant-go pisses me off big time. I mean seriously pisses me off!
They give you a crummy 2meg of news subscription and expect you to be happy with that?
Anyway what I was thinking was, if I can query all the rss streams I want from cocoon and then transform them via xslt to a webpage which I can syncronise with my ipaq or even take the piss and add to my custom channels of avant go.

Sounds pretty simple right? Yeah should be in theory, a few problems so far…
Avant go doesnt like ip address even redirected ones it seems. Yet to fully test this due to time but i got a feeling its more to do with cocoon running on port 81 rather than port 80, thats the issue. Anyway I can by pass by syncing the pages in pocket ie. But its gonna be a lot of pages!
Another issue is that feed reader my rss reader has a built in webserver and will server my subscriptions if I need it to. Its just a matter of putting it on the server rather than my tablet or workstation. But it saves its preferences and subscriptions in application data in user profiles! WTF! Damm you to hell. I've also been looking at ampi desk or something which does the same without the gui interface. I would ideally like to beable to control the who style of the web part so I can at least use the current stylesheets i'm using on this website.

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