Been thinking about the xml blogging again.
Oh god yes, overkill it is using cocoon to transform the xml into text before blojsom uses it. But its a way forward because I have cocoon installed already for the site transformations. And I know where i stand with xsl.

Just thinking about why I want my weblogs in xml. I have a bookmark page and at the moment I usually copy and paste my bookmarks in. If I could grab all the href attributes out of the weblogs, use the section / catergory (as in this one is advanced blogging) for sections also. I could automate the bookmark page from my weblogs?
Actually if it was xml I could put in any tag i like, so in the transform a tag named italic tune link could actually be a short cut link for a link to my mixes. You get the idea? So the weblog would feed off the website and the website the weblog.
Nice idea needs work and time.

Humm, need to do some reading about xmlrpc and look into java development. Actually just thought, maybe I should speak to chris our java guy at work. This has to be easy enough for him to do as he will have classes to check for well form-ness, to validate xml, etc – Already.

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