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I finally put a game on the xbox, crazy taxi 3 high rollers. i had it on cdr (yes one of the few games that will fit on cd i suspect. After copying it to cdrw because my pc drive wont read the disk with xbox data on. And using a xbox game ripper – the name escapes me now. I was away. Shows up in the evo x menu with correct name. No configuring it just works. Game is mighty adictive too…

Been using xbox mediaplayer a hell of a lot now, basically for all films and music. the stereo to ac3 feature is great and actually better than my cinema amp's theatre or hall modes.

Also on the same note, i was first worried about the playlist thing on the xbox because it wouldn't read the file names correctly. When i say correctly i mean if i enable read id3 on load it will arrange them a-z but by there id3 title. great you say, but when you got a album of music with the filenames in logical order like track1.mp3track2.mp3track3.mp3 its bloody ignoying to be presented with a mess. I could everytime disable id3 on load then find the tracks then enable id3 on load then switch back to the filelisting to find all the tracks have the correct names and stay in the correct order. yep damm ignoying even if it only takes 1 minute. I can also i found out use the playlist editor in the xbox mediaplayer but man if you got as many albums as i have and access them over smb rather than off the internal xbox hd, its a real bitch to do it and remember the order. why do i need to this if the the other way works quicker? because the mediaplayer doesn't support spaces! i so hope they fix this because track1 like this like that.mp3 comes up as that.mp3. frustrating to the max!

There is salvation, i found out it supports m3u playlists. not tried pls files yet. So for all the albums on cd already its too late. but for new ones i download thats the way forward

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