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Its been one of those things, I've been meaning to do in my spare time. Set up a iCal using Mozilla Calendar. Because Outlook 2003 beta still doesnt support iCal as its storage format. which is a real pain in the arse, as I now have two calendars. But at least I can transfer single events between them.

I have my calendar in a webdav directory on my website now. My Calendar page
Direct link to my calendar which you can subscribe to, if you like.
I've made this calendar mostly have design and technical events in it, and kept outlook for personal events. Which is a good idea i think for now.

How I share my Calendar
A great place to sync calendars, could be come the next rss?
Please note mac owners! Moz did it first Apple wasn't the first company to offer public calendars. The phenomenon was introduced by the Mozilla Organization, which released a calendaring application in November of last year.
Interesting debate about ical sharing

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