How stupid am I?

Ok, ok… After dancing around my computer screen lit living room for 3 mins flat.
I had to write this blog.

What on earth was I on? $marklus$ offered me help and I replied with my configuration files for and There were two problems.
First one simple, the smack library does not like full jabber user ids. So drop your for just the user id something. Easily solved.
Number two shows the problem non programming people like me, get involved in new areas like this.
I put the war file inside of the webapps folder and it unpacked as usual, but I never moved it to the folder! Major stupidness, even i gave myself a slap for that afterwards. For the last few days I've been wondering why there file systems were so simular? Unknown to me that the items should have been in the folder all along! I even wondered why the web.xml file wasnt included in the install, and how knew was actually there.
Slapped back to reality, after looking at the entry of the web.xml again for the n'th time it came to me that they should actually be in the same folder. Yes ladies and gentlemen, i am a idiot…

Anyway now its working and I can see my user on my own jabber list.
Next problem comes along… How on earth do you make entries? Hence what are the codes or commands i need to tell before I can start posting?
It would seem just from my mindless tapping that just typing isnt correct and you need to do lots more beforehand, which makes perfect sense. I just need to know how to start?

Havent got the time to really try it out because its now 4am here in the uk and if I turn the light on, my eyes are going to implode.
Lets hope tomorrow, today, i can be blogging from a wireless pocketpc.

Oh yeah I've also worked out the plugin controller, so now you will see my posts are restricted to about 600 characters before a little thing says click for full text. I'm still unsure about this plugin and am trying it out for a few days. Its damm ignoying when your writing a comment not to see the whole text. But I remember someone found a solution for the problem?
Hopefully, trying it now, the macro plugin should be working. Which me and $flashharry$ talked about on thursday afternoon.
Yeah it will replace any text i put within two dollar symbols with something i put in the macro file. So at this moment I have most of my friends websites and weblogs. Noticed a couple of things, it doesnt like capitals or spaces? but it does support html, so i can make links with titles like you noticed on the page already. Cool.

I see others have got blojsim working too. Good stuff hopefully I can ask them how there getting on with using it. And i'm really looking forward to spending time learning about adding my own metadata to each post.Metadata in the new blojsom and metadata entry via jabber. You can just imagine the possibilities… Maybe your profile and/or presence will be reflected in your post? Then there so many clever things you could do server side, like how long you took to write it, from where, blah blah blah.

Anyway you can tell i'm tired…goodnight…:p

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