Retweet error or something more sinister?

Retweet error
Dave mee from Madlab Manchester tried to retweet a message about geeks talks sexy the other day but couldn’t because his iphone4 wouldn’t let him. No idea why, does anyone else know?

The picture was from the official iPhone twitter app – ironically (as Dave puts it), the only two accounts who have thrown this error up have been myself and Loz Kaye’s. Two people pushing for open platforms and transparency… Both accounts are listed as unretweetable?

Verzion iPhone, the rest of the world yawns

At long last Verzion have got the iphone. So if your like me, your thinking "so what?" And to be honest you wouldn’t be wrong in your thinking. Either way, it was interesting to see the Daily Show’s take on the excitement from the states. Unfortunately Comedy Central don’t allow you to view or embed videos outside the states plus comedy central are well known for takedowns on youtube.