A flashback: Hurting America

Theres quite a few things which I have mentioned in the past few weeks. One of them is the Jon Stewart vs Crossfire incident.

In the middle of October, Jon Stewart took his usual complaints about partisan hackery to his appearance on CNN’s Crossfire (transcript here | streaming video here). From the beginning of the discussion, Stewart took aim at Crossfire and other media shows, saying (at first with a smile) that they “hurt America” by making politicians’ lives easier by failing to “hold their feet to the fire.” The gist of Stewart’s complaint was that shows that were purportedly “hard” and “cutting” were really only theatrical performances of talking points and sensationalism. The incident is now famous, and little needs to be said about it.

Such a great point in media and news… Something we really shouldn’t forget ever!

Verzion iPhone, the rest of the world yawns

At long last Verzion have got the iphone. So if your like me, your thinking "so what?" And to be honest you wouldn’t be wrong in your thinking. Either way, it was interesting to see the Daily Show’s take on the excitement from the states. Unfortunately Comedy Central don’t allow you to view or embed videos outside the states plus comedy central are well known for takedowns on youtube.