Dec 12: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 12: 720 degree duicide
When I first saw a Duicide, I couldn’t get my head around how daring it was.
I realise I haven’t shown any suicide tricks yet but I had to show this one.
Throw the diabolo and sticks in the air, then catch them before they hit the floor. Very difficult but during the pandemic I have gotten extremely good at it.
This one is a 720 duicide and it looks good in front of the sunset.

I knew the day was coming for my Pixel2

Google Pixel’s come with 3 years of supported updates, I knew this but it was a shock when I saw the note saying

Regular updates have ended for this device

Although its still night and day from some of the devices I have owned in the past. For example my work Nokia 8 is still stuck with Android 9 (Pie).