Dec 25: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 25: High and low Vertex Suns
Of course something special for the last day of my Diabolo advent calendar.
I am still getting my head around the vertex but one of the tricks I picked up quickly was the high and low suns.

When I’m going and slowly turning along with the vertex, it looks incredible but its very difficult to maintain the momentum.

Here is another better one I did the other day.

Thats it for the advent calendar, hope you enjoyed a little daily dip into the diabolo world?

Happy holiday where ever you are and what ever you do. Remember to stay safe!

Dec 24: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 24: The Vertex
This is the new dimension in the Diabolo world, the Z dimension.
For the last few years I have added learning the vertex in my new years resolutions.
Its only this year with covid19 and plenty of time in the community garden, I really got to put the time into learning how this quite new trick actually works.
I’m still learning it but imagine all the tricks I have shown over the last 24 days and imagine them operating on the Z dimension! Thats all to come…
Till then I can enjoy finally being able to manage a vertex with a loop or as a open loop stick grind.

Dec 22: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 22: High throw to whip to duicide
This is a combo which really gets people excited.
In single steps it should be straight forward but the high throw makes the diabolo whip very difficult and prone to being missed.
On top of this the momentum of the diabolo instantly makes a whip to duicide swing around very quickly, causing the duicide not to go back up.
Theres a closer up view here .

Dec 21: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 21: Diabolo Genocide
We are getting much closer to the edge of my skill set now.
The suicide can be difficult and the duicide was tricky to learn, but they all pale in compared to the genocide.
While in the suicides and duicides, the diabolo is still realistically on the strong.
In the Genocide, the Diabolo leaves the string and you are left holding one stick. Check out the side view to see it fully.
Its insane and I find it hard to pull off.

Dec 20: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 20: Diabolo stick suicide
One of the key tricks in the Diabolo world is the suicide.
I kinda skipped over it but in short if you let go of a sticks mid trick its a suicide move.

The stick suicide creates a suicide by crossing the sticks to control the speed of the trick. I have seen someone this trick turned into a infinite stick suicide.

Dec 15: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 15: Under leg grind to whip to duicide
Its a impressive trick, the under leg part is quite straight forward when you have the stick grind down. The tricky part is flipping up the diabolo high enough and getting the stick into position for the whip.
Its got to be done pretty quickly and then your pretty much straight into the duicide if you whip the diabolo hard enough and let it follow through.

Dec 13: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 13: Up whip to 360 Duicide
So following the Upwhip and 720 Duicide, Here is the combo and I can’t tell you how much fun and impressive it looks.
The hardest thing is to get it on camera because its ground work then into a explosion in the sky with a high duicide.
High because you really need time to get into position and catch the falling diabolo.

Dec 12: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 12: 720 degree duicide
When I first saw a Duicide, I couldn’t get my head around how daring it was.
I realise I haven’t shown any suicide tricks yet but I had to show this one.
Throw the diabolo and sticks in the air, then catch them before they hit the floor. Very difficult but during the pandemic I have gotten extremely good at it.
This one is a 720 duicide and it looks good in front of the sunset.