Dec 7: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 7: The high throw
We had the throw and of course we got to have the crowd pleaser. I would add high throws are not too difficult to catch if you point the handstick at the diabolo. The problem I always have in the garden is the wind which will take the diabolo a good 3 meters if you are not careful. Those 3 meters could mean over the fence, although it hasn’t happened yet.

Dec 5: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 5: Its our first combo, the hand grind to whip.
You have seen the previous two separately but this is the beauty of the  diabolo, the combinations. I have seen everything from 2-3 trick combos to 24 trick combos from the pros.
Watching the pros perform their combos is like magic.
Some tricks chain together nicely, some need you to end in a certain way to move seamlessly to the next one. There’s a neutral respect for those who make it look elegant.

Dec 3: Diabolo advent calendar

Day 3: Little more advance trick, the hand grind. Always love this trick and quite like switching position with the fingers (maybe for another day). If you are wondering if it hurts, no because the axel is a bearing keeping it only running in one direction. However if you are not careful, when your finger does rub against the side by accident it does burn and hurt.