There is something about Upload which feels like the good place?

 Upload (2020)

Not sure what it is about Amazon’s Upload but it feels like the Good Place? (maybe the early days of the good place?)

Just like the good place, it full of comedy and silliness but there is something deeper underneath the jokes and smiles. Yes the subject matter is similar, the afterlife? But there is also something emotional interesting about the show and its good to hear there will be a another season.

I did think there is plenty which can be taken from Black mirror’s San junipero and it seems Amazon got right in there with this. Originally I thought it would be awful but  I expect to run for another few seasons.

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2 thoughts on “There is something about Upload which feels like the good place?

  1. This is my first attempt at a deliberate WebMention, so all of the apologies if this doesn’t work, goes wrong, or embarrasses me in some other way.

    Me and my partner recently finished season one of Upload and drew very similar conclusions and comparisons to Ian. I pushed for us to watch it off the back of the writer, Greg Daniels’ previous work (he wrote the US adaptation of The Office and Parks and Recreation, both favourites of ours) and we’ll be watching his upcoming series on Netflix, “Space Force” for similar reasons.

    Our only complaint was that it ended just as the conspiracy plotline was starting to unravel, it felt like a bit of a test-the-waters series, and didn’t feel like it had hit its full stride yet. But you find that a lot with American debut seasons (Parks and Rec really came into its own season 2, for example).

    It was funny, an interesting take on the basic San Junipero plot, and leaves lots of room for development of those ideas – I loved the stuff around classism in such a future, and it looks like next season will inspect that even further, given the situation that the main character ends it in.

    1. Thanks Simon, your webmention worked perfectly.
      I agree about season 1 and what 2 will likely have. A friend of mine was mentioning how American series use to be 21-29 episodes and now they are much shorter, allowing a bit of time to readjust from some feedback?

      Looking forward to series 2, as you are right its still good but not a must watch (yet?)

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