How Manchester’s Northern quarter on lock down looks

Believe these days will pass

I have been staying at home for the last 3-4 weeks but every 3-4 days I go shopping for fresh food. It also makes good exercise walking around. and decided as its my birthday soon, to get a very nice steak from the Northern Quarter butchers.

On the way back I had a wonder through the northern quarter and take some pictures of the usually busy streets in Manchester. Of course I’m not the first to do this… but with my social distancing of over 2 meters from others. I shot some quick pictures on my walk back.

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The public messages instead of adverts were interesting too because frankly advertising has falling through the floor. Nice culture jamming works.

Be kind lets look out for one another

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2 thoughts on “How Manchester’s Northern quarter on lock down looks

  1. Hi Ian! I totally understand you and doing more or less the same as you. The only difference is that I have a nice Yorky to walk (not sure if I walk him or if he walks me..ahaha). And I’ve been for a bit more than a month in auto-quarentine…Not easy..Miss going out for my coffee..being in contact with friends (not just the social network thing).
    Great and meaningful pics you’ve captured👌
    …By the way..I know you’re aries of Zodiac but can’t remember your bday..13th or 14th April ? Wishing u all the best starting by good health …And, Happy Easter. Xx

    1. Thanks Caroline, yes I weill celebrate my birthday over Easter.
      Enjoy the walk or pull of the dog.
      Its about the same here but at least its sunny. Feel free to ping me a email

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