The images of a possible future

chiu chih's survival kit for the ever-changing planet - Design boom

It was imran again (he’s full of interesting off the mainstream stuff, go follow him) which tweeted something and I followed the link to something I wasn’t expecting. A quick browse through and I thought well thats just silly but I left the tab open in Firefox. Over a week later the images have conjured up more thoughts.

I started wondering what is the correct ratio for plants to person? I’m sure its not one plant. Of course I know its not really going to work (water, sunlight, etc) but it got me thinking how striking the image is and the effect going forward.

It also reminds me of a project I saw come out of Dundee University’s degree show in 2012 (or maybe it was 2011?). It was a smoking system which piped the smoke around a glass system and saved it along with the conversation you were just having. Wonder what happened to that…?

Listen to the debate on Feminism and dating

I have already declared myself a feminist in the blog post my crisis with masculinity and how feminism set me free. I originally was expecting lots more push back than I actually got but not being far from a good debate I thought I’d let you all know that this Sunday on BBC Merseyside, I’ll be on talking about feminism in the context of online dating.

Of course it would be simply weird if it was just me and host Nguana debating. So we’ll be joined by my lovely partner in dating crime, Jody. Theres also other guests to going to join us, but expect fireworks and outrageous debate on a Sunday night.

You can tune in live by listening to the live stream from between 9pm and 10pm on Sunday. Not sure if Nguana is taking phone-ins but you can try calling in if we upset you in some way. Of course you can listen on-demand via BBC iPlayer later for up to 7 days. I’ll try and make a archive copy without the music again for those living out side the UK.

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