Car drivers be warned!

I park my bike in a secure underground park and came back recently to find it on the floor sideways. A woman ran up to me and said shes really sorry and she was going to write a note but she couldn't lift the bike back up. Anyway it turns out she had been reversing and didn't see my bike which I'd like to add was parked in a motorbike bay and is massive and silver colour. So now I need to see how much its going to cost to replace all the damage shes done. The problem is its a old bike and already has some damage so I'm unsure if its worth claiming on the insurance as the amount of scratches to the panels is going to cost a lot to replace. So I'm actually better off getting someone to patch it up for me instead then charging her for it maybe? Ether way, I'm currently not a fan of car drivers.

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Author: Ianforrester

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