A Manifesto: How journalism works today

I love these internet manifesto meme's specially when they come from collaborations with people you know/met. This one is from a bunch of German bloggers commenting on how journalism has changed, a couple of the bloggers I've met at Next09, Web2.0 and BarCampBerlin's. Its been translated from German by Jenna and of course there's lot more reason on the main site.

  1. The Internet is different.
  2. The Internet is a pocket-sized media empire.
  3. The Internet is our society is the Internet.
  4. The freedom of the Internet is inviolable.
  5. The Internet is the victory of information.
  6. The Internet changes improves journalism.
  7. The net requires networking.
  8. Links reward, citations adorn.
  9. The Internet is the new venue for political discourse.
  10. Today’s freedom of the press means freedom of opinion.
  11. More is more – there is no such thing as too much information.
  12. Tradition is not a business model.
  13. Copyright becomes a civic duty on the Internet.
  14. The Internet has many currencies.
  15. What’s on the net stays on the net.
  16. Quality remains the most important quality.
  17. All for all.

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Author: Ianforrester

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