A ton of new mixes are now available

While my blog was down, I was also on the train a lot. That means I had plenty of long journeys to create mixes using my pacemaker. I have uploaded 4 which I was pleased about.
In the Park during daylight mix – was recorded while I was lying in a central Manchester Park during the hot spell of weather we recently had. Its quite up beat and rocks along with some good memorable tunes. All the way into space mix was recorded during the same hot weather but on a recent journey back from somewhere in London to my hotel in West London late at night. I remember walking most of the journey because I wanted to keep the mix going for quite a while. And at 2hours long you can get a feel for how long that walk was. Sunbeams at dusk mix was recorded on the circle line tube. Its quite short, but so was the journey. It was meant to be very uplifting and I had planned to create a mix for a dj competition that I had seen online, but I know I can do so much better so I created Sheffield sizzles in the late night mix which now on reflection is maybe too dark for a dj mixing contest. I tell a slight lie because actually I created a mix called London Sizzles in the late night but wasn't happy with a couple of the tunes and so went about recreating the mix again but with those tune changes. The sheffield mix has the right tunes but isn't mixed as well as the London one. So I really need to work on that.

I've been checking out some the video blogs from djs and came across Dj SOS whos a female drum & bass dj. And it got me thinking I should do more live mixes on internet radio like I use to, I'm not sure video would work as well however, although you could get to see the weird and wonder locations I dj from. Certainly beats Dj Sos's party garage.

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