Two new mixes, inspired by London

While in London last week I had the opportunity of spending the time on tube doing mixes to myself in the headphones. I did quite a few mixes but these are certainly the best of the bunch. I tried to upload them to but I kept getting errors when uploading. I can't quite work out if its because I'm running the software under a virtual machine or not. Eitherway, Soundcloud seems like a great place to put mixes. Just noticed my mixes have been downloaded a total of 909 times to date. Which can't be bad for just the occasional tweet and live mix. I should do more mixing, but I guess my walk to work is too short.

The warm breeze sweeps through London mix, was the recent heatwave the UK has been getting. I remember I was in the hotel and deciding if I should bother with a coat or not. Decided against it in the morning and enjoyed the sunshine right through till beyond dusk. I was coming back from dinner somewhere (think it was China Town) and although it was close to 10pm it was still warm enough to not need a coat. When I got back to the hotel, I stood outside and mixed till it was too cold to be outside. So imagine, me on the tube mixing away, then slowly walking from the station still mixing, then outside the hotel mixing away, alongside all the smokers and waiting taxi drivers.

  1. Dido (Armin Universal Mix) – Aria
  2. Shadow World – Thomas Bronzwaer
  3. Grooveline (Matt Darey's mix) – Blockster
  4. Peace – Yves Deruyter
  5. Embrace (Ferry Fix) – Embrace
  6. Intuition – Marninx Presents Ecco
  7. Gouryella (extended version) – Gouryella
  8. Into the Danger (M.I.K.E remix) – M.I.K.E vs Andrew Bennett
  9. Resound – Thomas Bronzwaer
  10. Turn out the lights (Transa mix) – M.I.K.E
  11. Heal – Electrique Boutique
  12. Walk the Edge (Alex M.O.R.P.H b2b Wiidy van Eyedn mix) – Alex M.O.R.P.H
  13. 1999 (Gouryella mix) – Binary Finary
  14. In the Dark (Tiesto trance mix) – Dj Tiesto
  15. Barber's Adagio for strings (Ferry Corsten mix) – William Orbit

The Force of night is done while going home again from a dinner, this time I opted for the bus but a major accident on Oxford Street just down from Oxford Circus stops all traffic and after a while of sitting on the bus I decide to walk it. Because I'm mixing away, I decide to only rejoin public transport at Lancaster Gate. Nice walk and headphones on mixing away through the whole journey back to the hotel.

  1. Running Two – Run Lola Run
  2. A New Dawn (extended version) – Steve Forte Rio
  3. Troy (Push Remix) – Sinead O'Connor
  4. Attention – John OO Fleming vs Christopher Lawrence
  5. First Strike (signum signal 2004 remake) – Signum
  6. Such is Life (Marco V Remix) – Rank1 feat Shanokee
  7. Into the Danger (M.I.K.E Remix) – M.I.K.E vs Andrew Bennett
  8. Summer Melodies (Frequence remix) – Frequence
  9. Please Save me (Push Remix) – Sunscreem vs Push
  10. Beauty hides in the deep (John O'Callaghan remix) – The Dopplr Effect
  11. Gouryella (Extended mix) – Gouryella
  12. Eventuality – 8 Wonders

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