R&D TV : Episode 2

We've launched R&D TV episode 2. You can download it directly from the BBC in many different flavours of codecs and formats. We got everything from Flash to Ogg Theora. There's even RSS feeds now which is good. Like the last one, were using a Creative commons non-commercial attribution v2 licence and we have made the assets available for anyone in the world to remix. I want to say thanks to everyone who was involved in the project. R&DTV is a collaboration between BBC Backstage and RAD teams, who are: Producers Rain Ashford and Hemmy Cho, as well as Exec Producers: Ian Forrester, George Wright and Adrian Woolard. This months video is maybe a lot closer to what people were expecting, so enjoy it.

I gave a talk at Social Media Cafe yesterday which included a preview of R&DTV and received a lot of feedback, some of it was quite harsh but only harsh because people could see r&dtv was a good project. The lovely Sarah Hartley live blogged the whole thing using Friendfeed. Chi Chi wrote a little bit and talked about her project, which I missed due to a interesting discussion about the history of emoticons. But if you really want to get a full feeling of what people thought of the project, check out the tweets afterwards and this audioboo which was recorded a few minutes after it ended.

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Author: Ianforrester

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