Does Ridley Scott watch R&D TV?

R&D TV episode 2 is indeed out and we're noting some interesting blog entries. A cpuple of them have had me commenting. FoodieSarah or Sarah Hartley caused a little stir with her blog entry titled “mash this, whispers aunty beeb.” I personally felt she missed a few key points which I highlighted in the comments. The next web had a entry titled “The BBC wants you to remix Jason Calacanis.” and wins for the best screenshot of Jason Calacanis. The post was a little more balanced and sympathised a lot with the problems we had faced putting the whole thing together.

Interesting face Jason

I started to comment on the next web blog post too but thought it might be worth writing this on my own blog. I saw on Creative Commons that Ridley Scott is going to make a Web version of Blade Runner and its going to be licensed CC-BY-SA which is highly creditable in my book. I'm not saying we have any direct influence on Ridley but surely things like R&DTV adds to the overwhelming feeling that content creators should consider licensing there content openly.

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