Wake up America, protect your pin

Latest Diggnation includes a story from Tru-TV's (think cheap TV, like Sky3) version of the Real Hustle (yes remember the Real Hustle was first on BBC). The Cash Machine Scam is basically the scam/criminal act of skimming cards at a cashpoint and using a mini camera to spy the pin code. I did try and find the equivalent from the UK's real hustle but its so common and everyone knows it, I don't think the show even bothered. I do however remember a scam where they put a card reader on the outside of the bank's door opener, so you would need to swipe your card to open the door. Most people would swipe there card there going to use inside.

Anyway, the American real hustle video shows a guy putting a skimmer with camera on top of the cashpoint's card entry. A lady comes up and uses the cashpoint, she leaves and the scammer takes the skimmer. Scammer goes to his van, makes a card and then goes to the cashpoint and uses it.

To anyone in the UK, your most properly yawning and thinking so? However in America this is all new, it would seem. Kevin Rose on Diggnation seems to think its some kind of joke. And to be honest, my experience of spending time in America, is consistent with Kevin's thoughts. People don't protect there pin numbers at ATM/Cashpoints. It was natural that the scammers would move in at some point and they must be making a killing there. Time to protect your pin…

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Author: Ianforrester

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