Watchmen in Odeon Digital

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So I finally saw and was seriously impressed. This is a adult film thru and through, so don't expect your usual good vs evil comic book crap. Its certainly up there with 300, Sin City and The Spirit. i won't spoiler it for anyone, so will keep the review for another day.

I didn't watch it on the imax, I choose to watch it on Odeon's Digital projector. Don't get me wrong I like imax but I'm always disappointed when its used for feature films. The setup of imax is different and I think its like using a stereo amp for home cinema, you can do it but you don't really want to. Anyway from the moment the trailers finished and they switched to the digital projector, you could clearly see the difference. All that noise you get with film is almost totally gone. Some of you may say they like that film grain or texture but I don't like it and worst still is that spot when the film is running out and you get that jump where film has been spliced together. Watchmen was flawless through-out. The sound was clear and loud enough for a film of its genre. Actually the only thing which spoiled the film was of course people talking and nipping out for the loo.

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