Driving thru the night mix

Another one of those Pacemaker mixes which I love doing. I did this mix about a week ago before going to Las Vegas but couldn't really think of a name for it. Anyhow, this should be the last mix on the old pacemaker firmware. When I get back to the UK, I'll be upgrading it to the new one which everyone seems to be raving about on the forums.

  1. Oblivion (head in the clouds) – Manix
  2. Shnorkel (Original Mix) – Miki Litvak & Ido Ophir
  3. Julian Jeweil – Air Conditionne
  4. Dark sides (thomas penton mix) – Nugen
  5. The 7th day (M.I.K.E remix) – The Gift
  6. Grasshopper (dance mix) – Sandler Van Doorm
  7. Lyra (leon bolier mix) – Leon Bolier
  8. Jelly tracks (Rippin & Drippin Mix ) – Oliver Klein
  9. Verdi – Mauro Piccotto
  10. Panic attack – Simon Patterson
  11. Smack – Simon Patterson
  12. In the dark – Tiesto

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