Blip.TV vs Flickr vs YouTube vs Vimeo, a Flash HD video quality test


in fusion rollercoaster from the ground from Ian Forrester on Vimeo.

I resized the Blip.TV version down from 1280 x 720 to 640 x 360 to match the Flickr version, but otherwise I've done nothing to the quality or videos. Vimeo also won't let you embed the HD version, so your looking at the lower quality version stretched

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The next month preview

So the last month I've been working my butt off on a load of things, but its all coming together (crosses his fingers) but enough about that for now. I'm also off to a few places in the near future.

First up I'm talking at Thinking Digital: The next generation which is this Friday in the Sage, Gateshead. Its aimed at university students, graduates and young professionals in the North East. Its already sold out I'm sorry to say, but its going to be a good day for everyone involved.

Directly afterwards is the Oreilly Maker Faire which is the first one in the UK and looks like a weekend of hacker joy. I'm working in a small team from the BBC so hopefully we're create something pretty impressive together. I'm hoping to just learn a bit of processing or solider my old bluetooth headset into something interesting.

I have never been to South by South West (SXSW) as I can never really justify it. Instead I'm going to Microsoft's Mix 2009 which is in Las Vegas. Thanks to Eileen Brown me and Rainycat to talk and discuss BBC Backstage at this great event. I'm hoping some of the other work we've been working on involving video will also be ready to announce in Las Vegas too. Good things tend to come out of Mix 09 including the RSS stuff from Microsoft so who knows whats in the pipeline for this year. I won't lie but I can't wait to get back on Speed the ride. Last time I did 8 in a row and could easily do more this time.

Coming back from Mix 09, the weekend after is BarCampLondon6 and BarCampBournemouth the weekend after that. Depending on how things go I might have to drop out of one of them. We'll see how much work I got on and whats also going in the North around those times.

Its then not long till my 30th birthday. I'm still working out the plans but it looks like the Friday night I'll go out in either Manchester/London/Bristol, then on the Saturday another city then Sunday its Alton Towers for a day of riding as many Rollercoasters as possible.

As Rain pointed out, I might be getting a little too excited as I uploaded HD versions of my last rollercoster trip to Blackpool pleasure beach to Flickr (who now support HD videos under 90s). But I can honestly say I was just testing the HD support and had nothing under 90secs except this clips. I'm actually wondering about the quality of Flickr vs BlipTV vs Vimeo. I hear Vimeo have the best compressions of all but I'm sure Flickr have worked hard on this problem too.

Its going be a hectic month but for good reasons…time to quickly update my dopplr which looks crazy.

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