The panic attack at midnight mix

So my first recorded mix of 2009 and its a festival of hard beats and bleepy sounds. I would normally call it progressive trance but I'm fed up with the confusion between that and progressive, Which seems to be some kind of rock genre. So now I'm calling it Tech Trance. Anyway, whats important is the mix is pretty fast pace due to the introduction of a Rave classic (Put the bassdrum on by the ascendant masters) at the start which I also had to slow down by 10%. There's a bunch of new tunes which I've never played before in this mix including the show stopper Panic attack by Simon Patterson.

The Panic attack at midnight mix is available for download as a Mpeg3 too and is licensed under a creative commons nc-nd licence, obviously the tunes themselves are all rights reserved copyright. Enjoy!

  1. Put the bassdrum on – the ascendant masters
  2. a new dawn (virtual vault mix) – Steve Forte Rio
  3. smack – simon patterson
  4. shnorkel – Miki Litvak & Ido Ophir
  5. Rheninkraf – Oliver Klien
  6. Panic attack – simon patterson
  7. Pegasus (megaminds mix) – Mauro Picotto
  8. Body of conflict (cosmic gate mix) – Cosmic Gate
  9. Kink – Trentemøller
  10. Grasshopper (dance version) – Sander Van Doorn
  11. Coincidance (Trentemøller Remix) – Mathias Schaffhäuser
  12. first strike (signum signal 2004 remake) – Signum
  13. Interstate Emperors – Jeffed
  14. Kalopsia (Monogato's Filth Remix) – The Blizzard
  15. Lyra (leon boiler mix) – Leon Bolier Pres. Precursor
  16. The last pluck – Marcos Schossow
  17. strip search – simon patterson
  18. massive motion – M.I.K.E

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