Roll on BarCampLondon6 on March 28th

Its really good to see a bunch of BarCamp Participations taking the future realms of BarCamp. Simon Wilison must have had a hand in the Guardian hosting the event at there new swanky offices near Kings Cross. Other people involve include Emma Persky, Caz Mockett, Tom Morris, Dirk Ginader, Leeky and others.

The London BarCamp is over the weekend of 28th and 29th March which is yes a overnight BarCamp (good to see because the temptation is to go with the easier route of split 2 days). BBC Backstage is one of the sponsors along with some company called Yahoo. The tickets are due to arrive mid month and be given out in waves to ensure they are given to many new people. From my understanding were talking about somewhere between 100-150 tickets, so its going to be a very hot ticket. There is a mailing list for people who want to know when the next lot of tickets will be, so sign up now if you don't want to miss out.

I love the new logo by the way… really well thought out…

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