The Palm Pre

Palm Pre

So Palm unveiled the saver of the company, the Palm Pre. I have to say I quite like the pebble look of it, seems it would be nice to hold for long periods (something I got to say the ipod touch isn't good at). Its also got all the tech you need inside such as Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, some sort of 3g (Comes with EVDO, but 3G/HSDPA is planned for Europe in the future). The screen is a little disappointing after looking at the specs of the HTC Touch HD (3.1-inch 320 x 480 instead of the HTC's 3.8-inch 480 X 800 screen). The Operating system seems to be jazzed up to be something between the Android and iphone UI, so pretty with tons of transparency, etc but real multitasking like Windows mobile and Android.

One thing which wonders me is how close in design the Palm Pre is to the HTC Touch Dual.

HTC Touch Dual

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My New Year Resolutions 2009

So I've already done a review of 2008 and I see everyone's doing there resolutions, so its time for my 2009 resolutions.

  1. Go skiing on real snow

    Yeah believe it or not I can Ski, I learned over a summer holiday on a scheme called Splash in Bristol. Now to be fair that was like 12 years ago but I think I can still do it. But I've yet to try it on real snow, only dry slope. People tell me its easier on Snow, so I should be skiing down the black run before you know it.

  2. Work and execute a Alternative Reality Game

    I'm still a fan of these things, and want to build upon what we already had last year but maybe change some of the goals to something much more local and spreadable.

  3. Build up a better routine
    So as most of you know, I'm a night person. I tend to ponder, read and write at night and don't feel the effects of being tired till very late. So because of that I'm going to bed at times when people are starting to wake up. This isn't right and I'm now vowing to go to bed before 2am every night and get up before 10:30am every day. This means I should build up a good routine and people can start to expect to see me more often. I think its also about layering the routines on slowly one by one instead of making sweeping changes.
  4. Work smarter, with less pace and less stress
    This is important because although the easy thing to say is I want to spereate my work and play life, I think thats frankly bull (as Nicky says its all very grey) and I enjoy doing what I do at work. So I want to find a way to do much less of the boring stuff in my own time. This is also a extension of Use the technologies around me better, because I want to start paying for more services which save me time or do good things for me. Currently I pay for Plaxo, Basecamp, Flickr and a few others. On the pace side I want to slow down less urgent stuff like replying to emails.
  5. Go out more and be live more heathly
    So this time its not just about Comedy clubs but also about going out clubbing. My experience at Gatecrasher on new years eve reminded me how much I love Trance music. Man you can't beat that combination of rhythm, 4 on 4 beats and melodies. So I've decided I should try going to more, even if it means going alone (but if anyone wants to come along, give me shout).
    I'm also living more heathly, since I've moved to Manchester. Not only am I walking everywhere but I've never had takeaway delivered to my flat. If I don't feel like cooking, I'll go out to a restaurant instead and even after clubbing or a night on the town my flat is close enough to go home and cook up something quickly. I'm also playing Volleyball regularlly and hope to pick up Basketball again soon. So its all go on that front already.
  6. Be more daring with matters of the heart
    I'm a confident guy but don't take enough risks, so thats going to change this year. Don't worry I'll be a perfect Gentleman. Sometimes…
  7. Start organising Werewolf and Werewolf+ nights in the North
    Yep this one is simple but also it would nice to develop Werewolf+ as I'm coining it as. I got talking to Cristiano about my thoughts for extended Werewolf rules and between us we came up with something quite interesting but we never quite wrote it down or tried it out. So this year, I think we should actually develop it, write it up and let it spread.
  8. Build a web application
    So theres a couple of small scale web 2.0 applications which I'd like to build, this was why I was trying to learn Python and even Air. But I've decided its not about the language. I think some of my realtime web mashups can be done using my existing knowledge in XSL. Plus I've been looking at Cocoon 2.2 and 3.0, its seems you can build very powerful apps which are deployed without the usual cocoon madness. Aka I can create little webapps using nothing more that XSL and XML.
  9. Blog every film I watch
    I watch and own a ton of films, but I watch them like I chew bubble gum. So I'm going to try blogging each one even if that means mentioning them on a Microblogging service. I'll try and tag them with hashes or the like, so maybe I can later pull all my reviews together or see all the movies I've watched over the course of a month or year.
  10. Read more
    So I bought a ipod touch for reading ebooks and RSS. And to be fair I'm reading a ton more RSS thanks to the ipod and Newsgator. Hopefully the ebooks won't be far behind, but I do need to find a good source for the latest stuff like the new Thomas Friedman book. I was going to suggest I read before bedtime but that never works. So when ever I got a spare moment, out pops the ipod and off I go reading, neato.
  11. More Trance music
    I love trance music, I really love it. So it comes as no surprise that I'm thinking not only should I be out clubbing more but I should be listening and mixing more.
    I've recently found that almost every trance dj have there own podcasts, which is usually a mix. So its like getting a mix tape every week from the best djs in the world. For example here's Gareth Emery's , Armin Van Buuren's (currently number one dj in the world by the way) and Tiestos podcasts. I'm also thinking I could get back into djing live now I got the Pacemaker. So I'm hoping to play live in front of a clubbing crowd by the end of 2009. In the meanwhile I'm also looking into djing at smaller parties, festivals and online radio. I mean the pacemaker gives me huge flexiblity, I could dj out of a moving car if I wanted to.
  12. Lots more graphics
    Believe it or not, I use to be a designer or am a designer. I find diagrams and visuals useful to understand and to communicate. I don't know why I've taken to writing a lot more over the last decade. Maybe its just the medium or something. Anyway, I'm going to do a lot more work in one of my fav open source app – Inkscape. And I've recently started playing with POV Ray again. POV Ray or Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a amazing piece of software. It uses text files to create scenes that are Raytraced not Rendered. (Theres a very important difference between the two). The best thing about Povray is that it runs on every system and I can render scenes of higher that HD rez in seconds on my 2ghz laptop (unfortually it still only supports single processors right now).

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The Pacemaker v2 is coming soon

I could have put money on my prediction. I knew the 120gig Hard drive of the Pacemaker version 1 was too big. Currently I have 17gig of tunes on it and another 14 gig of tunes backed up in a different location on the same device. Don't get me wrong, we're still talking about 1500+ songs with a average length of 6mins each. Anyway, it still looks like the same device but they have redone the UI of the device [theres a short video from CES 09] to make it more quickly usable for new users. Auto beat match is like a major no no in the world of the dj. Version 1 had a BPM counter but it wasn't automatic. It seems one of the major changes is the automatic application of this feature. I don't quite know how pro-amateurs and pros will take the pacemaker v2 because the 1st version did come scrutiny for making mixing skill-less but they quickly found out it didn't. Either way, I'm hoping the UI changes will be a firmware update for the V1 Pacemakers. I checked for a Firmware today but nothing, however the forums seem to be on fire with the news.

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