First major casuality in the microblogging sphere, goodbye pownce

Woke up today to this.

We are sad to announce that Pownce is shutting down on December 15,
2008. As of today, Pownce will no longer be accepting new users or new
pro accounts.

To help with your transition, we have built an export tool so you can
save your content. You can find the export tool at Settings > Export.
Please export your content by December 15, 2008, as the site will not
be accessible after this date.

Please visit our new home to find out more:

Our thanks go out to everyone who contributed to the Pownce community,

The Pownce Crew

I didn't use Pownce that much, it was just one of the end points on my ping.FM sends and never really logged in but I did monitor the emails. I didn't know I had 82 friends requests! Data portability wise, i'm glad to see the ability to take your data with you, in XML/RSS too which is good. I never uploaded any media, so have no idea how it deals with those things. Goodbye Pownce, its been fun but Twitter is growing in strength and with open source solutions like poping up all over the place now. I won't be surprised if plurk and a couple others follow suite soon.

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