The best media centre experience

Xbmc media centre running

Lifehacker are running a poll for the Five best media centre applications. On the hot list is XBMC, Boxee, Windows Media Centre, SageTV and finally MythTV. This means no AppleTV, Frontrow, Media Portal or Plex. Although I got to say Plex is pretty much XBMC anyway, so no real surprise there. Mediaportal is based off the Xbox Media player which you could call a distant cousin of XBMC, so I see why that wouldn't make the list either. Boxee is a odd one to have the list, like Plex its based off XBMC but I would say there is enough to make a difference. Should it be on the list? Yeah why not, I mean its the first media centre to actually take advantage of your social network, so fair dues.

Obviously I voted for XBMC.

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