Sony’s EyePet

I meant to blog
eyepet a while ago
when they first showed this. But never got around to it. It got sent around the BBC internal lists for a while and some of the comments said it was everything from fake to amazing. When I first saw it, I had a slight feel of deja'vu. I swear I saw this exact same thing 6 years ago.

The ICA had a event to do with gaming, Sony showed off the eyetoy and some of the more interesting things they were doing. One of those things was a little animal thing which you knock about with your hands and physical objects. It would also do things like balance on small objects, be aware of depth and speed. I can't be the only one to have seen this right? I know we were not able to take pictures or videos but people must have spoke about it. Each group was about 20 people and they had about 4 sessions that day. Obviously it wasn't that smooth or polished as it is now but you can certainly see where eyepet came from. I guess the Playstation2 couldn't handle the processing while the cell processor in the Playstation3 can.

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