What would your next phone be???

Its getting around to that time of the year again, when I start thinking about which phone I should be getting next. The other good news is that Google Android is confirmed for HTC phones, so there's some serious changes in this space. But generally the hardware is

HTC Dream

HTC Dream which is meant to be the launch phone of the Google Android operating system. Although I don't really like the block on the right and the keyboard looks quite small.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

Now this is a shock, Dark horse SonyEricsson creates a windows mobile phone which some interesting tweaks to the Windows mobile Gui. It also supports a 3inch touch screen with a resolution of 800×480 which is insane. Everything else is there including HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.0, Wifi but no GPS. Its also got a slight tilt which is useful plus the keyboard looks like a dream to type on. I've also heard on forums that it might have up to 16gig of memory which is great.

HTC Touch Pro

This is the natrual upgrade choice from my HTC Kaiser/Tilt. Its smaller, lighter and has a VGA screen. HTC have also included the new TouchFLO 3D interface (hopefully they turned on the ATI hardware drivers for this phone). Everything else is pretty much the same, HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.0, Wifi and GPS. The Keyboard is improved and the whole device just looks sharp and beautiful. It also seems like Orange will have this soon because they already have the HTC Touch Diamond.

Samsung Omnia i900

This is the other dark horse in the room. Samsung have made some news with the Blackjack windows mobile device but I've never really consider it because I don't like those blackberry type devices. Anyway, this is a looker and has the specs to go with the looks. 3.2 inch touchscreen supporting 400×240 resolution. Like everyone else, they've tweaked Windows mobile to include a couple of new features but once again HSDPA, Bluetoooth 2.0, Wifi and GPS. Its also got 16gig of memory in the box and unlike the rest a 5mpx auto focus camera which also supports VGA camcorder recording, the rest are 3mpx auto focus and QVGA recording. Samsung have gone one better by including FM radio, Geotagging ability, accelerometer and even TV out for playing back video. The only thing missing is the keyboard and its not quadband, so no 3g in north america. Suprisingly Orange have this phone already and its priced like a HTC phone, so actually affordable if you like WinMo phones.

Its amazing, things like USB, SD slot, Speakerphone, 3g, full spectrum HSDPA (up to 7.2meg down), Mp3 ringtones, replaceable batteries, etc, etc are just standard now. Shame the Samsung doesn't support Quadband like everyone else but to be honest, I'm unlikely to use 3G heavly when roaming in america, because I don't like big mobile phone bills. The keyboard will be missed a little and I'm not super keen that it has no stylus at all. But these are small issues really. I think I will get a Omnia in the end. I wonder if anyone will port Android over to it?

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