Live mixes from the bank holiday weekender

So it was the 18th Gay pride in Manchester this weekend and I had planned to be Dorset but my plans fell through at the last minute. I had already turned down the two parties I was asked to go to in London (thanks Nicole and JC), so I was pretty free. Anyway I was hanging around sackfield garden reading my book and I started doing some mixing with the pacemaker against the loud music. Some guys spied the pacemaker and started asking me about it. Before you know it was djing at a house party in the northern quarter with about 40 people. It was pretty cool and I got two sets off (I charged my pacemaker in between, althought I think it could have managed without it, can't beat USB charging).

It was one of those unique experiences which happen and don't really think about too much. It was a party and I was having fun. Didn't really get chatting with too many people, but it seemed like a lot of people were in town for the gay pride weekend. The only person who seemed to live in Manchester was the host and she wasn't very happy about the music. But most of the others enjoyed it, specially the trance set. Later in the evening, I toned it down and went all down and dirty with some progressive trance and lots of electro dance. I think the playlist speaks for its self really but the tunes which got people going the most was the Josh wink remix and the horrorist which if you've never heard this tune, you've got to hear! Its so wrong on so many levels but so great. (Funny enough, I found my mix on the Horrorist site).

Some guy I spoke to said my dj name was crap and I should come up with something
new and exciting to go with the pacemaker. The best they could come up
with was Dj Pace.

I recorded both sets using the pacemaker's internal recorder, so I could upload them later. The party did have a name funny enough, but it was something obscure and sounded like progression. So thats where the name comes from.

Live at the progression bank holiday weekender (party mix)

  1. Intutition – Marninx presents Ecco
  2. Bulgarian (signum remix) – Travel
  3. Embrace Embrace (ferry fix) – Ferry Corsten
  4. The fall (richard durand remix) – way out west
  5. In the dark (tiesto trance mix) – Tiesto
  6. As the rush comes (carl B remix) – Amazon vs Midway
  7. Big sky (agnelli & nelson remix) – John O'Callagham featuring audrey gallagher
  8. resound – thomas bronzwaer
  9. Born slippy (richard durand remix) – underworld
  10. Seven cities (v-ones living cities remix) – solar stone
  11. Shadow world – thomas bronzwaer
  12. The labyrinth (part one) – Moogwai
  13. Intuition (martin roth remix) – Marninx presents Ecco
  14. Helsinki scorching (alex morph remix) – Super8 versus Dj tab
  15. Communication (part 3 coldware remix) – armin van buuren
  16. Heaven scent (greg downey remix) – bedrock
  17. Beautiful thing (photon project remix) – andain
  18. Moonlight party – fonzerelli
  19. Southern Sun (dj tiesto remix) – paul oakenfold

Live at the progression bank holiday weekender (after party mix)

  1. Roots – tomcraft
  2. atom bomb (straight 6 instrumental mix) – fluke
  3. the fade (oliver lieb mix) – ambassador
  4. Attention – John OO Fleming vs Christopher Lawrence
  5. Higher state of consciousness (dirty south & tv rock mix) – josh wink
  6. flash (timo mass remix) – green velvet
  7. On screen – tomcraft
  8. Girls (the rouge element remix) – prodigy
  9. Polar shift – Trentemoller
  10. Grasshopper (raw version) – Sander van doorm
  11. Body of conflict (dub mix) – cosmic gate
  12. The red light (album version) – green velvet
  13. One night in New York city (chris liebing mix) – The horrorist
  14. Rheinkraft (extended mix) – Oliver Klein
  15. Verdi – Mauro picotto
  16. Percolator 2000 (album version) – green velvet
  17. Communication (more mix) – mario piu
  18. Answering machine (album version) – green velvet
  19. Windowlicker – Aphex twin

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