Random pictures taken on my phone

Over the last few months I've been taking pictures of interesting things on my camera phone (HTC Kaiser). The camera is actually pretty good but lacks a flash for all round use. Anyway, he's the selection…

Only found in Blackpool now... Ridge Racer 2 arcade by you.

I love seaside towns like Blackpool. They always have the best arcades and they never get rid of the old ones. So I found Ridge Racer full scale (good but slow) then Ridge Racer 2 (faster graphics and remixed sound track, much more techno)

POV in Euston (gate 14) by you.

Going back and forth between London and Manchester late night I see some interesting sights in Euston and Piccadilly stations. Usually drunk people doing stupid things. But this time I was passing the screenis in Euston and I noticed the Hamachi windows gui running. Closer shots show there using a secured hamachi network to control the advertising across a 3g link. This shows two things, Hamachi is good enough for commercial setups and can operate on adhoc low speed connections.

Getting my beanbag back home from Mashed08 by you.

This is how I got my beanbag back from Mashed 08. Yes it does look like my scooter has a huge ass on the top of it. I was getting lots of people waving and honking there horns as I rode from Piccadilly to my flat.

Remembering why we gave up on tape decades ago by you.

Oh have I forgotten the joy of tapes…

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The horrorist and Things to come records, hitting all the right notes

Things to Come Records by thingstocomerecords.

So since adding my mix to the web which included the horrorist's – One night in New York city (chris liebing mix). I've been getting quite a lot of traffic from elsewhere, which is really cool but its all because Things to come records (owned or setup by Oliver Chesler aka the horrorist) have listed my mix in there dj mix directory. So I spent some time checking them out, as you do.

Things to come records seem to be doing everything correctly, there a model for other record labels. There linking to everything which is related to them and it would seem replying when possible. There making there live performances available online when possible or linking to fans recordings. There also providing remix kits of quite a few of there artists tunes and encoraging people to remix them and post them back under a creative commons licence. A shop selling there own music in 320k Mpeg3 (no DRM) along with other things like tshits, etc. A news blog with photos (using flickr) and video (using blip.tv) sections of previous events. Encoraging people to get involved in creating electronic music through raw sound and fx kits which you can download and use to make your own music.

Refreshing to see and i'm actually considering buying some there stuff because it all sounds like the type of music I enjoy, I wouldn't mind hearing more from simlar artists and hell there doing such a good job. I mean the only thing they don't have is a twitter account for each artist (*grin*).

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Don’t look if your veggie or don’t like blood

Don't look if your veggie by you.

So I thought I'd do a test tonight to taste the difference between rare and well done steaks. I use to a long time ago always ask for my steaks to be well done when asked but slowly over the years started asking for quite well done, then rare to medium then medium and sometimes now just medium-rare. So I thought hey lets actually do a taste test. I did errr on putting up the pictures because I know so many of friends are veggies and even when sitting at the same dinner table as them, I will ask if they don't mind if I order my meat medium-rare (what a nice guy I am right?)

So whats the verdict? Well I think this picture says it all. The steak was exactly the same cut and from the same package (bought at Sainsburys) but one cooked for 3mins each side and the other one 7mins each side. The rare steak was juicy and much nicer to eat. Yes hardly scientific but I can confirm I prefer them rare or medium-rare, but I was shocked at the difference in size.

Ok back to your usual programming…

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