Ubuntu is already more attractive that osx

Another noteworthy podcast, this time from Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation, describing the somewhat non-code challenges in front of gnu/Linux. I heard this about a two weeks before hearing about Mark Shuttleworth's comments from OSCON recently.

Mark wants to make desktop linux more beautiful not only user friendly. Well in my mind looking at the desktops of my mac friends compared to my own laptop setup, I got to say mine is more beautiful and more interesting. But obviously I would say that…

What I find really interesting about Mac owners is the lack of customisation they generally add to the desktop and interface. Maybe a change of background picture, quicksilver and thats about it. While on the linux side I've seen radical changes, for example Glyn has stuck with the standard Ubuntu theme while Sheila has her ubuntu setup so weird it looks like Xubuntu. I've also seen black themes actually being used by people at conferences (always wondered if they save on battery life that way?). While all my mac friends have the same windows styles, same netrual pallette, same icons, etc. Some would say this is because Apple have a almost flawless interface design team, but I'm not so sure.

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Author: Ianforrester

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