Keeping your social data in sync with Atomkeep

Atomkeep simply keeps your profile synchronised across multiple social networks and services. I'm obviously in favour of this simply from the point of Data Portability. I found it via readwriteweb in my aggregator and I got to say I'm pretty impressed so far. I do wonder how easy it is to import and export from atomkeep without going to another service? I'm not going to say this is ground breaking because thats reserved for Ping.FM which I still use everyday, but its not far behind. Atomkeep tends to want your username and password from the get go. Even when the service supports other means of connecting and controling the account like APIs, OpenID, etc. It ignores them and throws up a login/password prompt for you to fill in. Whats also interesting is what's underneath it.

I confirm that this is my private authorization credentials and I acknowledge my approval for Atomkeep to facilitate data input and update for me in this system. I completely understand and accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Atomkeep and every other system engaged in the transaction.

Wow thats quite a leap of trust, saying that Ping.FM knows about 9 of my accounts too. I'm still looking forward to the day when you can have these types of services on your desktop or on your own server. Plaxo pay attention, you should have done this ages ago, you had the data already and you already have the link to linkedin.

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Author: Ianforrester

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