Met Lucinda Ledgerwood today

Lucinda Ledgerwood

You can't make these things up. But today I was running a little late for my training course and guess who was the reception of the BBC. Yep guessing by the title of this blog post, I did meet Lucinda. It was pretty brief and she was very personable, the kind of person you could easily spend a coffee with while waiting for a delayed train or something. I hope I didn't come across too fan-boyish but I couldn't help but be stopped in my tracks by her very polished black and red clothing choice. Lucinda is certainly someone who thinks about what there going wear in the morning and makes it all work every time with ease. Everything from her red shoes to red Berri said professional yet unique. Maybe even slightly experimental? She looks almost exactly as she looks on TV but shes a little taller that expected. I guess standing next to Helena and the other guys all the time, she would look smaller.

Anyway we got talking about the show, how you don't have to be a bully to be successful and what she was going to do after the show. It seemed like she had really thought too much about that side of things yet, so I mentioned Sophie Kain from the last season of the apprentice. Basically saying the apprentice and being on screen could open up a few doors and conversations which would be more difficult otherwise. After that I had to ask about her scooter. She did say, she had a bright pink scooter but someone had stolen it recently.

Lucinda, has this inner calm and confidence about herself, if I was going compare her to anyone else, I would say she was like Nicole. There both softly spoken, smile when talking and are the kind of people you would happily tell your life story to. Anyway it was a real pleasure meeting her and of course I got her details – for professional reason's of course! Girl-geekdinner, Sarah? She would make a great guest for the Manchester event (reminds me I need a partner for that event).

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