Crawling the walls for broadband still

Before anything else, having no broadband internet access at home is driving me insane. I'm crawling the walls of my apartment. I am so close to cracking one of the neighbours WEP wireless points but everytime I load up Backtrack2 (security linux livecd) I rethink, hey I'm stronger that this and shouldn't be breaking someones poorly secured WEP point. And then I go for a walk or ride down to the BBC for some late night browsing. But when I get there, I end up doing work instead of my own personal stuff. My 3G phone isnt working at 3G speeds, so I'm actually restricted to GPRS/EDGE speeds, I'm also restricted to off peak for my 3g data plan, which means I can only dialup between 6pm – 8am.

Manchester is great what I see of it. I'm planning to spend way more time in the city

I know my blog was down for a while. Being offline there was little I could do to put it back online sometimes. So I've almost decided I'm going to make the jump from Blojsom to WordPress. Reasons will be explained later when i'm not so

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