Pete Tong tries a Pacemaker

I also took my Pacemaker to Bristol on the weekend and got a chance to quickly flash my pacemaker past my cousins noses. My cousins were the ones which taught me how to mix and somewhat scratch all those years ago. So I was interested in showing them that my move to laptop djing hadn't gone to waste.

I've been thinking about doing a couple of sets in a few Manchester bars/clubs. Unlike London people don't mind a bit of trance while drinking, so I could I reckon convince a few managers to give me a spot. I mean the pacemaker is still rarely known by people and it uses up much less room that a dj box or even a laptop. I was actually mixing away in Kate's car the other day going up to Newcastle. All I needed was one ear phone in and I could comfitably do mixes while chatting away. Try doing a mix even on a laptop while in a moving car…

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Author: Ianforrester

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