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So its the weekend of the 3rd London BarCamp. This one is going to be very special because its hosted by the do no evil Google and arranged as part of BBC Backstage. Its weird because I've hardly mentioned it but have been thinking about it alot. Partly because I said a long time ago I would stop arranging them and let others take over once other BarCamps started cropping up in the UK. So I've gone back on that and decided that once there are regular overnight stay barcamps in the UK such as BarCampBrighton (good work guys).

There's been a lot of talk about the BarCampLondon Tickets once again. So let me clear up what happened. We released the tickets in 4 waves over a 2 weeks period. I counted the time from when they were open till the last of that round of tickets was gone. And I can report back that the first round announced over twitter went in 9mins (28 tickets, glad Eventwax can handle load and concurrent connections correctly). The 2nd wave we sent a email out to the Google Open source jam crowd the day before and the next day the 25 tickets lasted 13hours! On the 3rd wave another email went out to the Girl Geekdinners list the day before and the next day the tickets lasted only 1 hour 3 mins. The 4th and last wave no one was told till I twittered when there were 5 tickets left. Those tickets lasted 9hours. So in total all the tickets went in less that 24 hours and thats with just a couple of twitters and emails. Almost 500 people follow me on twitter and I expect that will drop after this post, because if you want to get the tickets you need to do more that just follow me on twitter.

The Reserved list idea was my idea to stop people emailing me asking for spare tickets. And its partly done the trick. Unfortually theres been little drop out (a total of 6 so far believe it or not). I have had some good and bad emails including one which was threating (which I'm not sure was a joke or not, so I deleted it).The reserve list is serving its purpose because we're able to make changes to right up to the last few days.

So the 3rd BarCampLondon is going to be something special, Google really have a great office and they have stamped there unique personality over it. From the 4th Floor to the 6th Floor its as bright and colourful as you'd imagine Google would be. But whats extra impressive is the extras Google and the BBC have planned. That's all I'm going to say for now. Its going to be amazing and trust me the best so far.

See you lucky ticket holders this weekend, the rest of you I'll hopefully see you at the Christmas party?

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