Erasing my digital memories

As part of the deal with my new phone, I can trade in any old phone for a load of money. So rather that trade in my lovely SPV M700 which I want to keep as a spare phone or sell for a lot more, I'm going to sell my Ericsson R520m. I was planning to sell my old Ericsson T68 but it doesn't seem to be working any more. The R520m was bought off contract for 200 pounds the day it came out (never to be repeated again). I loved the phone, it had everything including GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared, SyncML and Speakerphone. It also had that unique sensor pads which meant you could answer the phone with a swipe of the hand.

Whats special about the phone is that I had some great times playing with the phone and it lasted a very long time (9 years now). It also had some great voice memos on it from things I couldn't remember at the time. One of the most memorable was the very first voice call from Sarah, dating back to 18th March 2002. At the time I kept it because I found it funny to hear how Sarah miss said the road name but now its somewhat sad because we didn't stay together and its strange to go back to almost the point where everything started. How much stuff like this do we delete everyday? Stuff we should be archiving or saving somewhere? Our digital memories are just as important, specially for someone like myself whos grown up using such technologies all the time.

I had a scare when I got back from Berlin, my home server had crashed and burned. Grub was screwed and I couldn't work out why. So anyway, I've stuck xubuntu on the box and everything safe but I don't know what I would do if I lost all my photos etc. I know I have copies on CDs and DVDs but not the latest stuff. I really need to get Amazon S3 into my rich media syncing soon.

The video above was shot on my new phone at lowest quality and everything is done in one shot. Enjoy.

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