Just discovered Xbox Media Centre has a Webish API

xbmc web interface on a psp

I was searching for the new Ajaxy Xbox media centre web interface, but came across documentation for the Xbox media centre's HTTPAPI. Which means I can completely control my xbox via a pipeline interface. However there are issues.

  1. Its all HTML
  2. Its not valid HTML
  3. It seems a little temperamental on Action commands

For example here's how to get what the Xbox is playing right now.


But it comes back like this.

<li>Filename:smb://stratrix/downloads/podcasts/The 1UP Show/041307.m4v
<li>File size:475954023

Although this is nasty, its still useful. How many media devices under your TV have some kind of API? How many devices around our house support some addressable API?

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Author: Ianforrester

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