Geekdinners, Werewolf, Delicious and Karaoke

Tom Loosemore plays ppt karakoe

There's changes on the way for geekdinners. Starting with PPT Karaoke

  1. The dinners are not changing, we're still planning on having them but maybe one every 1-2 months. I also won't be the only one hosting them now. I'm seeking keen and genuine volunteers to be involved with geekinners and its other events.
  2. We're going to put on a werewolf night every other month. Its such great fun and we always get a good turn out, so rather that doing adhoc, we're going to try putting them on regularly. If every other month is too little, we'll bump it up to every month.
  3. New geek games. Werewolf as we play it came back from O'reilly's FooCamp with Simon Willison and a couple others. They posed it at BarCampLondon, and its now become a stable diet for evening geek events and UK Barcamps. But there is more games out there which we could try, hence the next point.
  4. A Powerpoint Karaoke session happened at Etech 07 and Heatherscent was talking about how well it went down at BarCampLA3. So first time in the UK we're going to try it out and if it goes well, who knows it might become a regular night. Its gone down well other places too.
  5. Not forgetting the talent we have here in the UK, we're also going to play Pecha Kucha, maybe along side PPT Karaoke. It was created and built for BarCampLondon and went down a storm in BarCampLondon2. I have got to link to the video of Meri Williams, Tom Coates and the rest playing this…
  6. We're planning to do more short notice dinners (yes real dinners) for when people are over but we can't get a venue in the short period of time we sometimes have. Like the dinner we had for Howard Rheingold. .

So in short we're getting more organized and more regular. But expect even more…

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