Out of nowhere comes the Orange SPV M700

Orange SPV M700

Been considering my next phone again. My current SPV M600 is great but there are a couple of things which I would like to change.

  • The lack of 3G is a killer now I have applications like Google Maps on my phone
  • The TI 200mhz processor is good for most things but running something like Skype is a real killer and tends to lock up the phone while making a call
  • The camera is reasonable but nothing special, also the lack of flash is a pain at night
  • Java isn't great

So I started hearing some rumours about the natrual upgrade path, the Orange SPV M700. The major difference is 3G (UMTS) support and GPS. It also has a new Samsung Chip which runs at 400mhz which means Skype will run smoothly. They have moved over to MiniSD instead of SD which is acceptable but a small pain. It also comes with Windows Mobile 5 instead of 6 which is interesting.

The thing which puts me off is the colour. There is a black version but I hear the paint job is not great and can chip off overtime. The White one doesn't have the chip problem but its shiny white! Geez, maybe I should get it and spray it myself?

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Author: Ianforrester

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