A review of Belle and Herbs in Newcastle

Belle and Herbs cafe

Belle and Herbs has been recommended by Meri, Elly, Gareth and Molly. So I checked it out with Meri and Elly when I was down in Newcastle the other day for the Backstage University tour. Its got a strange 60's vibe to it allwith odd shaped chairs and tables dotted around. The menu is used in the myspace page for the cafe. But once the smoothie comes out, you know your in for a treat. I ordered the berry which was Cranberry and something else. It was certainly lush and I had it not been for the size of the glasses, I would have ordered another one. Then the breakfast came out… I think I ordered the American.

American breakfast for myself

  • 2x Hashbrowns
  • 2x Bacon
  • 3xSausagess
  • 2x Fried eggs
  • 4x thick as a piece of toast pancakes
  • 2x pieces of toast

Yes seriously I couldn't manage it all although it was flipping awesome. I'll certainly be back one day soon. If your ever in Newcastle and can get to Heaton which is east Newcastle then go to Belle and Herbs. Its fantastic value for money and great tasting food, Thanks to Meri and Elly for the morning breakfast there, it was great.

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