Body Hackingwith Quinn Norton

Body Hacking
Quinn Norton, Reporter, Wired New

Quinn talks frankly about her rare stone/magnet finger experience. The wrap for the rare stone broke and her body started to attack the rare stone and left over bits of iron. When trying to pull out the iron bits, it broke into pieces and made its self impossible to remove. After a few months, the pieces formed back together because their magnets. And was finally removed. But there is a good chance, there are still bits left and so Quinn can never be scanned.

Taking control of our own bodies. Lasik surgery is the only body modification which is widely accepted.

Vaccination makes us a super human being, whats a enhancement and whats a treatment? steroids bad lasik good.

Social acceptance is the problem but unlike previous generations we only have a decade at most to get use to the idea.

Rights to your own body? Rights to Medical records, procedures, social trangression, the myth of self and compliance to self and arbitary access to pharma. This is a mess and getting worst. What happens to home made hospital rooms? these have been found already. Post human medical tourism calls in the idea of ethics. If your country doesn't do it, go somewhere which will. The pirate bay of body hacking? People want advantages.

2 Choices – Non medical markets for body hacking or backroom modifications? Also what counts as being Human?

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Emerging Technologies from IBM : Koala

Emerging Technologies from IBM Almaden Research Center–Koala & Spintronics
Tessa Lau, Research Staff Member, IBM Almaden Research Center
Kevin Roche, Advisory Engineer/Scientist, IBM Almaden Research Center

Koala Technology allows you to automate web interactivity scripts to log into sites, fill in forms aka do repeative tasks. This means you can finally automate stuff online. Tessa suggested using it for scraping websites, automated changes like your skype location.

I'm thinking this is a killer application for pipelines if you can automate this stuff.

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