d.construct in a nutshell: great conference

Microformats needs you says jeremy keith

I wish I had gone last year, but to be honest it was great to attend this year. I only wished I wasn't still feeling tired after BarCampLondon, which was a week ago now (I got the last train to London with Chris, Murray please tell me you didn't sleep on the beach). I happened to have filmed and photograph most of the sessions from d.construct and finally uploaded them to blip.tv. Please be warned there filmed at the lowest quality so I could get the battery life out my camera, plus my camera battery died in the middle of Jeffery Veen and Derek Featherstone's talks. I was also able to get a couple of interviews with Paul Boag, Gary Broadbent and Yahoo's dynamic duo Paul and Simon. My favorate session was of course Jeffery Veen, but a there was draw for 2nd place between the Yahoo's dynamic duo and Jeremy Keith. Thomas Vander Wal on tagging, Aral Balkan on Flex and Derek Featherstone on Web 2.0 accessability are also worth watching. Jeff Barr, well to be honest I wasn't that impressed by the presentation but the work Amazon are doing in this area is very cool.

Jeremy Keith really went to town on Microformats and everyone noticed. This is a good thing because as Ms Jen pointed out, the UK is in need of a Tantek type person. Jeremy then took to the outside park to lead the Microformats lunch. I wanted to get Jeremy for a interview, but by the time we got to the bar it was too late. Anyway, Kudos to Andy Budd and everyone else who helped him out, it all seemed to go really well and smoothly. I'll be back next year for sure.

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