The BBC 2.0, just got slashdotted

Its been a while now but Novus Ordo just submitted to Slashdot On The BBC 2.0. Its only gone up about a hour ago but its already recieved 80 comments. Quite a few sink into the usual BBC bias and BBC World vs BBC arguements. But there's a interesting related question about Slashdot's CSS redesign content and the BBC's contest. Lots of moaning about the fact you can't actually download or stream any clips or movies from the catalogue in a thread called great resource but incomplete.

On the plus side I caught ths comment by Lobais.

A thing I really think they should do 'to keep the BBC relevant in the digital age.' is to make xmltvfiles of all their tv and radio programme info. This would make them very useful for a lot of people, and sure wouldn't be very hard.

Although this only recieved a +1 and insightful mark, its easy to forget about the simple things we could be doing more of. Although there is a arguement that the Programme catalogues is just that. Plus as Pldms pointed out, we provide 7 day listings for all channels in TV anytime XML format.

A comment which I couldn't help but agree with was this one by Larry Lightbulb.

The first and possibly only thing they should change about the BBC home page is the fact that it's designed to be viewed at a resolution of 800×600. Surely a company as big as the BBC is capable of producing a web site that utilizes all of the screen space available in a browser window?

See I tend to strongly agree with this but I understand the reasons why its sticking to a 800 format. Personally I don't think there's any excuse for a 800 format when your using XHTML+CSS (unless thats the desired effect). So when we move in that direction I would like to see the 800 constrait dropped.

I'll be keeping a eye on the incoming comments…

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